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Conceptual Photographer

based in Brazil

Raphael Vieira started in photography at the New York Institute of Photography in 2008, and has been working with creative and conceptual photography ever since. Before that, however, Raphael dedicated himself to the study of Psychology, obtaining a Master of Arts in Behavior Analysis from Columbia University. At the intersection of these different paths, his photographic work often places fictional characters in situations of conflict and tension, portraying the human psyche in photos that are captured directly on camera, without post-processing montages or manipulations. 

Exhibitions and Awards

-  Award of Merit by the New York Institute of Photography (2009). New York, NY.

-  Winner of the 31st Contest New Values in Visual Arts of the Jaime Câmara Foundation (2009). Goiania, GO.

-  Group exhibition: Bartô (2009). Goiania, GO.

-  Group exhibition: 31st Contest New Values in Visual Arts, Fundação Jaime Câmara (2009). Goiania, GO.

-  Group exhibition: Casulo Ateliê (2009). Goiania, GO.

-  Outstanding Achievement, Spyder Black & White Awards (2010). UK.

-  Published by Photo Paper Magazine (2010). UK.

-  Honorable Mention, International Photography Awards (2010 to 2014). New York, NY.

-  Winner of the Minuto Festival in the category “Selfie on your back” (2018). Sao Paulo-SP.

-  Individual exhibition: Passage of Time in the Art Déco of Goiânia. Instituto Federal de Goiás (2022).

-  Group exhibition: Glimpses of Light in the Darkness. 12nd Photo Festival of Tiradentes (2023). Tiradentes, MG.

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